The design you were looking for

Learn about Divas Luxury design options, made by artisans with valuable handmade materials for Architects and interior designers looking to match the home elevator looks with your home

Bespoke design solutions

Are you an interior designer or an architect looking for a stylish, custom made lift?

Contact our experienced sales team, we'll collaborate to provide you a solution for your designer needs or get inspired by other possible solutions below

Marble finish

Give your divas lift an elegant and minimal style, using high quality italian marble, cut and fitted by expert artisans

Wood finish

A warm and stylish solution, inspired by the beautiful wood inlays from Sorrento's coast, our local artisans can provide unique solutions to decorate your home lift with beautiful wood inlays coming from a century long tradition

Leather finish

Fit your Divas lift with high quality leather finish, inspired by the Italian furniture tradition, give your home lift a soft and exclusive look